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Wabash Valley Alliance

Consultation and Education Services

The Expertise of the staff of Wabash Valley Alliance is also available outside of the clinical setting. Consultation and Education Services (C&E) are provided to community agencies, businesses, industries, physicians, individuals and groups concerned with mental health in the community. C&E Services focus on prevention and educational activities. C&E services can also help identify individuals who could benefit from the clinical services of Wabash Valley Alliance.

Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers counseling services to business and industry. The EAP is designed to encourage employees to seek professional help before problems affect work performance or become costly in terms of employee benefits. It also provides managers with as effective method for resolving job performance problems outside the usual administrative procedures.

Educational Programs

Wabash Valley Alliance works with a number of colleges and universities to provide a learning experience for students in a variety of healthcare fields. These experience have been provided for medical, psychological, social work, addiction, counseling, nursing, dietetic, pharmacy, and therapeutic recreation students. The hospital believes it is important for students to have educational experience in a healthcare setting prior to graduation and employment.