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Wabash Valley Alliance

Child and Adolescent Services

Child and Adolescent services provides a continuum from outpatient services, including case management and day treatment programs.

It is the philosophy of Wabash Valley Alliance that children be treated on an outpatient basis whenever possible. In support of this philosophy, Wabash Valley Alliance branch centers offer innovative approaches to the outpatient treatment of the specific needs of the child or adolescent. The services include family therapy, diagnosis and evaluation, group therapy, biofeedback, individual psychotherapy, play therapy, psychological evaluation, psychiatric consultation, a six-week drug/alcohol division program, Children of Alcoholics Group, Child Divorce Adjustment Group, Case Management services, and workshops on suicide, abuse, and stress management.

The Learning Center for disabled and emotionally handicapped children and adolescents provides observation and diagnosis in a highly structured school program. The Learning Center is a special education program operated jointly by the Greater Lafayette Area Special Services (GLASS) and Wabash Valley Outpatient Services since 1975. The Learning Center provides specialized services to children who are severely handicapped because of emotional, behavioral, or learning problems.
An intensive short-term program requiring the child or adolescent to attend during school hours, the Learning Center provides certified special education teachers, individualized educational programs, and the clinical services of the Wabash Valley Alliance staff. A school coordinator interacts closely with the Learning Center to ensure efficient use of services.